REX 5 - Worldwide Airports HD

As part of the REX 5 family of products, Worldwide Airports HD is the most realistic global airport texture & 3D vehicle model enhancement available on the market today. You will experience your airports in true high definition.

Compatible with Prepar3D v1 through v4+, FSX Steam and FSX.

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Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, v4+
FSX Steam Edition
Compatible with all versions of GSX



Windows Operating System:
Windows Vista SP 2 or higher


RAM Memory:
4GB or higher


Hard Drive Space:
10GB or higher


Video Card:
DirectX 9 or higher


Internet Connection:
Required for registration and installation



Photo-real Global Airport Graphics Package for 24,000+ Airports

Worldwide Airports HD is an extensive photo-real global airport texture graphics package created from real-world airport structures and environments. Authored from high resolution photography all around the world from real-world counterparts, and customizes and transform over 24,000+ airports. 


6GB of Highly Detailed Airport Environments

With over 6GB of detailed airport textures, the possibilities are endless. Terminals, airport buildings and maintenance facilities, hangars, custom airline hangars, fully coherent airport ground environments such as runways and taxiways, jetways, airport lighting, parking garages and even custom 3D airport ground vehicle models. All user-selectable.


Airport Terminals

Realistic airport terminal styles within a modern user interface. High-definition and frame rate friendly standard textures, including day, night, bump and specular textures. Choose external terminal building graphics with or without docking graphics.


Airport Buildings & Facilities

Many user-selectable styles to choose from/ High-definition and frame rate friendly standard textures, including day, night, bump and specular textures.


Airport Hangars

Airport hangar styles ranging from small/medium hangars to large. Maintenance sheds included. Many user-selectable styles to choose from. High-definition and frame rate friendly standard textures, including day, night, bump and specular textures.


Airline Specific Hangars

You may choose special airline specific airport hangars, favoring a specific air carrier at your home airport. Great for virtual airlines. The worlds top 26 airlines included, more will follow in upcoming updates.


Cohesive Airport Ground Environments

Fully cohesive/matching airport ground environments. Experience your airport grounds in a cohesiveness not yet experienced at default airports. Taxiways, runways, jetways, ground markings, taxiway markings, parking spaces, signage and even special bump mapping that merge styles, giving a more uniform and less ‘pieced together’ appearance. Choose between light and heavy-traffic runway appearances. Many user-selectable styles to choose from. High-definition and frame rate friendly standard textures, including day, night and bump textures.



16 popular jetway styles included, complete with custom ground markings that automatically and seamlessly merge with any taxiway style you choose. High-definition textures, including day, night, bump and specular textures creating special reflections that give a more realistic appearance.


Custom 3D Airport Vehicle Models

A comprehensive library of highly detailed 3D vehicle models and custom-selectable textures in each category. Many variations of realistic tugs, pushback tractors, baggage carts, baggage loaders and fuel trucks included with more vehicle categories to come! Fully compatible with all versions of GSX.


Parking Garages

4 styles of parking garages to choose from, including full night lighting.


Airport Lighting

16 airport lighting styles to choose from.


Never miss an update!

The built-in auto update allows REX Game Studios to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver periodic and crucial updates to our customers.

Special Enhanced Default Custom Airports

There are a number of airports within the simulator that were originally developed by ACES containing custom terminal graphics. Although these airports will now globally benefit from Worldwide Airports HD, some terminal textures will not be affected. We are re-developing these airports with proper detail and customized textures throughout, and as they become available we will update this area. These add-on airport packs will be FREE to all Worldwide Airport customers.



"Really good add on, it does everything as advertised. I'm sure I will spend many hrs exploring the options. You can save many custom files. No big impact on frame rates." - Clifton Croom

"I just installed the software and did a few short flights to check out the airports and I think (Wow someone finally got it right). I was surprised at how easy the installation and product setup went. I have purchased many addon products for FSX and P3D flight simulators but this is one of the most worth while I have ever added and it works as advertised. It dose everything it claims it can do and it's very easy to set it up to do it. You really need to see the improvement to FSX airports to understand how much it adds to the flight sim. I was surprised at what it really added and I find it well worth the purchase price after just a few flights. I have paid more for other products that did not even come close to delivering what was advertised. Nice job REX you did get it right." - Darrin Rawlings




No refund, credit or replacement of any kind is available for download products. It is your responsibility to transfer your purchased download products from our servers to your computer. Considering the technical nature of the internet, REX Game Studios will make every effort to resolve any issues you may have while attempting to download your products to ensure successful delivery.

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