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This version contains the latest Technical Update 2 released on May 25th, 2018.

Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather and environment experience, bringing dimension to FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3 and 4.

Serial Key is valid for the 64bit version for Prepar3D v4 or 32bit version for FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3.

Owners of any previous REX products can get the new Sky Force 3D for 15% Off! To receive this discount, you must purchase Sky Force where you originally purchased another REX product.

Sky Force 3D is a complete overhaul of the weather and environment experience, bringing dimension to FSX, FSX Steam, and Prepar3D v1, 2, 3 and 4.

• New 3D Cloud Models and Structures Based on Real-World Cloud Classification

• Dynamic Synchronization

• New Cloud SDK (No more upside-down clouds or repeating cloud bottoms)

• Natural Photo-Based Environment Textures

• New Weather Engine

• Integrated Flight Center

• Interactive Mapping System

• Built-in PTA Integration

• Innovative Sky and Sun Atmospherics

• New Lightning Effects

• New HD Environment Sound Effects

• All Packaged in a 4.6GB Download, Expandable to Nearly 20GB

• Compatible With All Weather Engines and Environment Products

• and Much More!






New 3D Cloud Models and Cloud Structures - The First In-Flight Sim

3000+ new 3D cloud model structures and SDK, patterned after real-world cloud classifications with their own specifications, positions and heights. 

Clouds types, including; altocumulus, stratocumulus, humilis, mediocris, congestus, tower cumulus, cumulonimbus calvus, supercell and rainshaft, tornado, stratus, nimbostratus, altostratus and cirrus class. Real-world cloud model system including (but not limited to) cloud streets, super cells, wall clouds, funnel, shelf, rain shaft and tornadoes.

Restructured cloud SDK for true formation realism. No more upside-down clouds in bizarre and unrealistic positions, or cloud bases that are presented with repeating patterns.

Single-session cloud texture variation, allowing more variety during a flight session, increasing the overall realism.

The new cloud system models storm structures reaching 70,000 feet. We also modeled the base of our storm clouds and added rain shafts to calvus and incus cumulonimbus clouds of various intensities, adding to the realism. Also included are wall and shelf clouds, and in some circumstances, these will include funnel clouds and tornadoes of various shapes and sizes.


Real-Time Weather Engine

Intelligent weather engine that harnesses over 70,000 points of weather data globally. The weather engine reads and interprets live model data to sample the atmosphere and therefore will sync the appropriate clouds structures, allowing for more accuracy.

Utilizing the weather engine is as simple as opening REX Sky Force and the simulator. That's it, everything is done automatically without the fuss!


NEW Photo-Based Natural Environment Textures and Innovative Sky Atmospheric Effects (20GB)

Fully DX9, DX10 and DX11 compliant. Tailored to low AND high-end systems.

Elevate this new visual experience through our new natural, photo-based environment textures while exploiting the power of PTA integration.

New techniques create a smoother, realistic and natural sky color blending at dawn and dusk as well as newly improved visibility and fog. With VBlend and Vaporous Skies, we have achieved more realistic horizontal and vertical day, dawn and dusk fog generation and sky visibility blending.

The sun atmospheric rendering effects are very cinematic and will be noticeable through the virtual cockpit, creating even more realism. Sun atmospheric rendering coupled with HDR elements included for use in Prepar3D 3 and 4.

Full 10-Day Cycle Sky Texture Sets

Included is our powerful 10-day cycle sky textures category. When the Sky Force 3D 10-Day Cycle is installed, the simulator will dynamically load a different sky color transition from sunrise through sunset each day.

Lightning Fast Texture Installation.

Installing textures into the simulator is lightning fast; in most instances this process takes less than 1 second to load a full suite of replacement textures! Ability to select and install textures individually and/or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite of textures instantly.


PTA Presets Built-In

The PTA presets included in Sky Force 3D were specifically designed for use with the sky textures and atmospheric effects in Sky Force 3D. The Prepar3D Tweak Assistant (PTA) is required for use with our presets.

Included are sample videos within the application showing exactly what the PTA preset/texture combinations look like in Prepar3D. We have taken the guess work out of the equation, and presented you with a full atmospheric representation ranging from sunrise through sunset.


We went through great lengths to maintain ease-of-use for our customers throughout the entire Sky Force 3D GUI experience. PTA integration is a one-click install and all supporting textures, as well as the PTA preset are installed automatically.


New 3D Cloud Synchronization Process for In-Sim Updates

Synchronization technology which dynamically syncs 3D cloud model structures in real-time during flight. 


Flight Center

The Flight Center in REX Sky Force 3D is a no-nonsense tool that is geared for those who want to view their flight plans and experience true weather along a route.

REX Sky Force supports the standard XML based plan file from FSX and Prepar3D. Importing a flight plan is extremely simple.

Export support for PFPX!

Also, you can take advantage and download a community shared flight plan directly from inside REX Sky Force, from our vast community base.

While using REX Sky Force, you are immediately in contact with an enormous user base in which to share your flight plans or download another person’s creation.

If you have a flight that was more like an adventure, then simply upload it for others to enjoy!


Interactive Mapping System

Integrated interactive mapping system provides 6 weather overlays to allow you to visually sample the weather prior to departure.

   Precipitation Overlay – Just like the weather syncs systems of today; you can view all the locations of precipitation. Our precipitation does not look like speckled paint spats, but true radar echoes. This overlay is viewable with all other overlays.

   Winds Overlay – 9 levels of wind from 3,000 to 53,000 feet can be viewed in this overlay so that you can make smarter decisions for better fuel consumption.

   Temps Overlay – 9 levels of temperatures from 3,000 to 53,000 feet help you avoid potential areas and levels of icing and rime.

   Pireps Overlay – This overlay lets you read position and data from real-life pilots across the world.

   Sigmets Overlay – This overlay provides not only US-based but global sigmet data in real-time.

   Metar Overlay – Utilizing that fact that our servers download the local weather data 6 times an hour gives you the most accurate view of the local weather.

   Flight Plan Overlay – If you import a flight plan into the Sky Force Flight Center, then a visual view of the flight plan is available.

   Major Airport Overlay – This map overlay provides a vital point of reference to help you as you fly.

   Major Road Overlay – To give more detail and help especially to the pilots who like to fly VFR, we provide a significant road overlay to follow.

   Zoom Feature – Allows you to zoom into the local level and zoom out to the regional level.

   Precip Opacity – Allows you to reduce the prominence of the precipitation echoes on the various map for simple reading.


Shared Community Environmental Themes

Feeling uninspired and just want to try something new? Filter through various uploaded environment themes to try out. For ease, we have provided the means for many of these themes to be categorized based on several weather conditions. All environmental texture themes are categorized based on how a user thinks the theme appears in the simulator, such as fair, foggy, rainy and snowy weather, dust and thunderstorms etc.

REX Sky Force continues to expand the tradition of providing a connected “Shared Community” within its products. Similarly, to our Shared Community Flight Plans, you can also share your environment creations within the program!

After you create an Environment Theme, you have the option to use our REX EDGE servers to pass on your theme to the rest of the REX Sky Force community.


Never Miss an Update!

The built-in Auto Update allows REX Game Studios to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver periodic and crucial updates to our customers.









No refund, credit or replacement of any kind is available for download products. It is your responsibility to transfer your purchased download products from our servers to your computer. Considering the technical nature of the internet, REX Game Studios will make every effort to resolve any issues you may have while attempting to download your products to ensure successful delivery.






Microsoft FSX



Microsoft FSX Steam Edition



Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v1, 2, 3, 4+







Windows Operating System:

Windows Vista SP2 or higher


RAM Memory:

4GB or Higher


Hard Drive Space:



Video Card:

DirectX 9 or higher


Internet Connection:

Required for installation, registration and general operation



.net Framework 4.5, Simconnect

(Included with Installation)

MilViz and REX Simulations partnered up to solve the difficult challenges related to a fully functional weather radar: combining a modernized airborne radar with sophisticated digital signal processing, resulting in a superior multi-functional hazardous weather detection and avoidance system.

Now compatible with Prepar3D v4.3



Microsoft’s FSX SP2, Acceleration

Microsoft’s FSX – Steam Edition

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v2.5

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v.3.2.3

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v3.3.5

Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v3.4.22

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4.1

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4.2

Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4.3

 (Only supports the latest builds of the flight simulator platforms.  No backward compatibility available.)






Windows Operating System:

Windows Vista SP 2 or higher 32 or 64bit


RAM Memory:

4 GB or higher


Hard Drive Space:

2 GB or higher


Video Card:

1GB or higher; Windows 7 or lower DirectX 10, Windows 8 or greater DirectX 11 +


Internet Connection:

Required for registration and installation






Unparalleled accuracy

The WX Advantage Radar is modeled after the Bendix RDR-4B system. State-of-the-art processing enables the WX Advantage system to provide higher standards of performance and reliability than have ever been achieved before.

We have achieved accurate placement of precipitation along the azimuth of the radar beam within its cone as you fly. You'll experience a realism never before seen in a radar gauge. As you fly in and out of precipitation it will match the display - accurately.


It's all in the display... and performance!

The WX Advantage Radar features a non-fading, high resolution color display of precipitation data at selectable ranges up to 160 nautical miles (NM). The system continuously measures four levels of precipitation: green for light precipitation, yellow for moderate, red for heavy, and magenta for severe precipitation and turbulence.

The system utilzes a high resolution 3D precipitation density map, which takes advantage of video hardware acceleration for greater performance and level of detail.


Compatible with ALL 3rd-party and freeware weather engines, as well as default weather for FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D! 

Not only is the WX Advantage Radar compatible with FSX, FSX:Steam and Prepar3D, it is also compatible with ALL payware and freeware weather engines as well as payware and freeware aircraft! Each license of the WX Advantage Radar allows activation for all three flight simulators.


An intuitive, simple to use Aircraft Gauge Management Tool is also included!

This tool allows the installation, editing, and removal of the 2D weather radar gauge for any default or 3rd-party aircraft within a few simple steps.

The Aircraft Gauge Management Tool includes FOUR different types of 2D gauges: Dark and Clean, Dark with Dirt, Light and Clean, Light with Dirt. You may select which version best represents the cockpit you are flying in as well as easily adjust the aspect ratio, size, and location of the radar gauge prior to opening the flight simulator.


The radar system includes unique cloudscan and precipitation sync features that will dynamically sync precipitation. 

Because the system will continuously measure and sync precipitation, you will receive realistic and accurately placed radar echoes that precisely match depicted atmospheric conditions. Never experience precipitation falling outside indicated radar echoes. The radar also includes a nifty wet runway feature. Though there may be radar echoes nearby, the runways near precipitation will appear as if rain had just fallen.


Realistic TILT Functionality.

The WX Advantage Radar System includes full TILT functions! The system will analyze the complete scale of storm structures in real-time and accurately represents the effect of radar attenuation when larger more dense cells are in front of other cells – causing a rain shadow effect.

Includes a full active transmitter/receiver range up to 160NM. 


Never miss an update!

The built-in Auto Update allows REX Game Studios to quickly, effectively and effortlessly deliver periodic and crucial updates to our customers.






"Finally a panel add-on that is more than just a filler and cockpit eye candy. A weather radar that actually has practical use for those IFR sim pilots or those wanting to have a more realistic pilot experience in their sim. The WX Advantage Radar actually works, by reflecting the true precipitation density as well as the distance altitude and turbulence layers with a working tilt giving the pilot a good 3D mental picture of what's ahead. While using this radar I was able for the first time in a sim to accurately modify my flight attitude for weather avoidance. This radar from REX and Milviz brings their incredibly realistic environment via either a default or advanced weather theme, live weather engine or your own weather creation (via REX Weather Architect). The true utility and viability with the WX Advantage Radar is that it is not for just 1 aircraft in your hanger, but can be used in every aircraft or vehicle in the library! I have even used it on the X55 sailing yacht, which works great. In my opinion the WX Advantage Radar is a must have add-on." - Murray Bremner


"I have been using both payware and freeware weather radars for years, always looking for "the one". I feel safe in saying that this WX radar from REX/Milviz seems to be it. It has all the right things going for it. You get real precipitation depicted in the unit as well as turbulence. It contains an aircraft management tool, so it's extremely easy to install in all of your payware and freeware aircraft. Plus you can use it with any weather engine. I've used it with REX and ASN as well as good old FSX & P3D weather and it works great! I can't wait to see developers start using it in the VC's of their add-ons. You can already use it in the Milviz 737-200, and it looks awesome. Great piece of software guys!" - Glen Mobley










No refund, credit or replacement of any kind is available for download products. It is your responsibility to transfer your purchased download products from our servers to your computer. Considering the technical nature of the internet, REX Game Studios will make every effort to resolve any issues you may have while attempting to download your products to ensure successful delivery.