REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition

REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition is a global environment texture utility, effects and sound enhancement add-on and takes advantage of the core features of Prepar3D while enhancing both FSX and Prepar3D. This package includes integrated REX Soft Clouds.

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This product is currently not compatible with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v5.



Goodies Added to the Enhanced Version

– 3D Cloud textures including unique cloud base structures.

– Backend coding compiled to take advantage of REX Sky Force 3D.

– Updated vibrant dawn, day, and dusk sky textures.

– Improved transitional algorithms during dawn and dusk times.

– Properly balanced terrain light and shadow values.

– Realistic enhanced sun, corona, glow, flares, and special atmospheric effects.


18GB+ of Content

– Tailored to low as well as high-end systems.

– Over 18GB+ of textures, visual and sound effects.

– Standard to high-definition resolution textures. 

– A large easy to read user interface.


Streamlined Texture Installation Process

– Lightning fast texture installation.

– Select and install textures individually or create custom 'themes' to install a full suite of textures instantly.


Low, Mid, and High-Level Clouds

– Low/Mid-level 3D clouds, including stratus, cumulonimbus, cumulus, stratocumulus, altostratus and altocumulus.

– High-level clouds including cirrus, cirrostratus and cirrocumulus.


Lightning Effects 

Experience more realistic in-cloud, cloud to cloud, and cloud to ground lightning effects.


Worldwide Water 

– Worldwide tropical water classification fix, eliminating the repetitive texture tiling effect.

– Water boundaries blend much more realistically.

– A wide variety of water textures and wave animations included.



Sun & Lens Flare Special Effects 

Many varieties of dynamic and highly realistic atmospheric renditions.


Airport Environments 

– Light to heavy use runways, taxiways and pavement markings.

– Highly detailed textures, including runway textured lighting encasements originating from HD source photography.

– Runways with light or heavy wear.

– Highest definition textures with the most fidelity on the market.

– Many types of runway grooving and material selection.

– Dirty and soiled runway markings at all airport runways worldwide.

– A wide variety of detailed taxiways developed from all types of concrete, asphalt and bitumen. 

23 types of runway edge and taxiway lighting, some with simulated ground glow.



Recorded Environment and Weather Sound Effects

The dynamic sounds of rain, wind and thunder will blow you away.



Support for PTA for Prepar3D v3 and v4+

Download PTA presets for each sky texture set from the REX website. 


Never Miss an Update

Includes a built-in auto update feature which allows you to easily update your software.

Customer Testimonials


"Installation was smooth. The textures are great and looks awesome. The time to load theme was around 2 seconds so I did not even believe and thought it crashed or something, but it did load. Bottom line the best textures from REX so far and probably the best textures available period." - David Papis

"If you do not have this, you are seriously missing out. This makes the game 10 times better than normal. AWESOME. The best add-on there is. This is a game changer. The texture sets are truly amazing and up to 4096x4096 High Definition. Don't think, buy it now. Worth every penny. It also has a very simple and user-friendly interface." - Jerrod Corey

"The textures look phenomenal and extremely realistic. Those Nimbostratus Pannus clouds look exactly like the actual ones in a picture I took while in the air a while ago when I flew. Fantastic job REX team!" - Hank D.C.

"This is a bundle that includes Texture Direct and Soft Clouds. The soft clouds looks amazing. You can choose between runway textures, ocean textures, high clouds, low clouds, storm sounds, sunset, and tons of other things that make your sim real and give a unique touch. Also the guys from REX are fantastic, and the support they give is excellent, it's not just buy and then it's up to you, even if you get problems. Also the community is making a lot of personal profiles, you get a message inside REX, so you take a look and use that profile if you like it." - Ilario Masala

"For those who don't know why their simulator doesn't look that good... well it's because you don't have this. Just buy it!" - Guy Eisenberg

"Wow. Best add-on I have ever purchased. Beautiful realism." - Christopher Hague

"WOW this is awesome well worth the money." - Brian Lever

"Even though I purchased REX before it went on sale...... (haha) it was well worth the money! The ground and water textures are amazing, the sound effects are great, and the clouds of course are very cool! Well worth the money spent and I encourage anyone to purchase this product! " - James Nizinski

"Great addon. It definitely gives sky, cloud, and airport ground textures extra depth. Once you get used to implementing the new textures you'll be glad to have this." - Airon Bradley

"I use REX products since I began using FSX. Wow I saw a deal for this addon and is awesome!!! The clouds look far more realistic than past REX products!!! Definitely worth the price!!" - Cesar Wilkins

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Refund Policy


No refund, credit or replacement of any kind is available for download products. It is your responsibility to transfer your purchased download products from our servers to your computer. Considering the technical nature of the internet, REX Game Studios will make every effort to resolve any issues you may have while attempting to download your products to ensure successful delivery.

Minimum Requirements


Windows Operating System:
Windows Vista SP2 or higher


RAM Memory:
4 GB or higher


Hard Drive Space:
30 GB or higher


Video Card:
DirectX 9 or higher


Internet Connection:
Required for registration, installation, community sharing, and software updates


.net Framework 4.5

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